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kołdra Englisch:

1. counterpane counterpane

Englisch Wort "kołdra"(counterpane) tritt in Sätzen auf:

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2. duvet duvet

I’mot used to sleeping with a duvet. I’ve always slept with blankets.
I threw off the duvet and headed for the shower.
She covered him with a duvet
Do you sleep with a duvet or blankets?
I got really cold last night and had to take out my winter duvet to cover up.

Englisch Wort "kołdra"(duvet) tritt in Sätzen auf:

repetytorium maturalne Longman unit2 dom str. 54
łazienka, sypialnia, pokój dzienny, kuchnia
Oxford Matura, 3. Dom, str. 30-32
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dział 10 angielski upper-intermediate

3. coverlet coverlet

Englisch Wort "kołdra"(coverlet) tritt in Sätzen auf:

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4. quilt quilt

She was sitting on the couch, tucked under the quilt from her bed.
Patchwork quilts represent one of the few forms of art available to women in the early days of the American West.
That quilt is really quite a piece of work with all its fine craftsmanship.
Things you can receive by monthly subscription include: gourmet cheese, minerals (for rock collectors), potato chips, sock-knitting kits, trout flies, tea, jam, pasta, pastries, magic tricks, oysters, candles, condoms, quilt blocks, nesting dolls, so

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5. eiderdown eiderdown

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6. quilt's

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