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krwawić Englisch:

1. bleed bleed

If your gums are sore or bleeding, see your dentist immediately.
The pin pierced his finger and it began to bleed.
His wounded leg began to bleed again.
A cut finger can sometimes bleed for a long time.
Press the cut firmly – it won’t bleed so much.
You're bleeding!
I bleed when I make love.
She'll bleed to death if the ambulance doesn't come soon.
She was bleeding from her nose.
I'm starting to bleed.
With a weak beat, it continues to bleed.
to bleed to death
If someone has a cut which is bleeding badly, you should first press on the wound.
The wound of the victim was bleeding heavily.
The doctord couldn't stop the bleeding wound

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2. bleed bled bled

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3. bleeding

You'll have bleeding for a few hours.
A doctor quickly cut off his left arm and stopped the heavy bleeding.
There's been an accident. A man is hurt. He's bleeding badly.
Put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.
I'm afraid I have internal bleeding.
If a cut is bleeding, put pressure on it.
He was bleeding from his wounds.
nose bleeding
I sometimes have abnormal vaginal bleeding.
Do you have any bleeding?
My friend Kim has really bad anal bleeding sometimes.
You're bleeding everywhere; I'll help you up.
Then you should make sure the victim isn't bleeding.
Bleeding from her little finger, the nymphomaniac started a hot pursuit with the cops on a stolen raft.
She rushed to where her loved one lay bleeding on the ground.

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4. bleed bled

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