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1. loan loan

English has many loan words from French.
My bonus doesn't come close to covering all the loan payments I have to make.
Tom's loan request was turned down.
It seems that Tom had planned to give Mary the loan she had been looking for.
take a loan
I want to get a bank loan in half a year's time - what should I be doing now?
It's time to pay up all your debts and close out your loan.
Credit is the amount or sum placed at a person's disposal by a bank; a loan of money.
Money which you borrow (usually from a bank) is called a loan.
Banks now only offer them credit under the strict conditions of a subsidised loan.
In this respect, we hope that the loan provided by the EU to this neighbouring country will be used to help the whole of Ukrainian society.
Student loans usually have low percentage rate.
Jeff’s loaned us his car for the weekend.
In finance, a loan is the lending of money from one individual, organization or entity to another individual, organization or entity.
According to all probability, no language is totally free of loan words.

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2. borrowing borrowing

He was constantly borrowing money from me.
Is there any chance of my borrowing your typewriter?
Do you remember borrowing his book?
Corporate borrowing from financial institutions is rising due to the low interest rate.
My pride prevented me from borrowing money from him.
Borrow and return, then you can borrow again. Borrow and don't return, and then the borrowing gets difficult.
Do you mind my borrowing your microscope? "No, not at all."
For the residents of Edo, the first bonito of the year was something that had to be bought, even if it meant borrowing money.
Those who like borrowing dislike paying.

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3. lent

Have you finished reading the book I lent you last week?
She had forgotten her umbrella so I lent her mine.
By the way, what happened to the money I lent you?
The girl lent her friend her new typewriter.
You should not have lent the money to such a person.
I still owe my brother the ten dollars that he lent me last week.
She lent them a hand with their luggage.
I'd like to know when you plan to give me back the scissors I lent you.
I lent him a book but he still hasn't returned it.
I met him halfway and lent him $100.
You lent a book.
He lent me two books, neither of which I have read as yet.
I lent Mrs. Jones all the butter there was in the house.
Chris does not appreciate how Beth lost the clock he lent her.
He lent me a book, which was too difficult for me.

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