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pośpiech Englisch:

1. rush

rush hour
When we rush to complete our work, we make needless errors.
No matter how much I rush it, miscellaneous work keeps piling up and I can't catch up with it.
Don't rush into the situation until you have all the details; hold your horses until you know where you are going.
All right! Everybody around me is so encouraging I'm getting a rush of motivation.
As soon as I have written the letter I will rush to the post office.
Don't you always sleep like a log yourself? I can understand your feelings of wanting them to enjoy their meal but don't be in such a rush.
Women who, at first glance, appear to be completely ordinary also don't seem to be in that much of a rush to get married.
I've been rushing (about/around) all day trying to get everything done. I rushed up the stairs/to the office/to find a phone.
Parachuting will give you the rush of a lifetime.
When I saw them together, I felt a rush of anger and jealousy.
“We need to get the cows!” He exclaimed, rushing over.
The four heroes and their ninja friend rushed the thousands of ninjas, attacking wildly.
He rushed to get off the train. we had to rush her to the doctor (take her to the doctor very quickly).
I love to work with kids. This kinda work gives me a rush.

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2. hastiness

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3. hustle

I miss the hustle and bustle of city life.
hustle and bustle
There is always a lot of hustle before Christmas.
puch / to make someone move somewhere, especially by pushing them quickly/ The security men hustled him out of the back door.
she was hustled into the car
I heard they are working on a hustle
We've gotta hustle, guys. There's not much time left.
That stupid rumour caused a dangerous hustle in the mall.
Mark was trying to hustle Joan for over an hour before he gave up.
A lot of hustle. I liked it.
to proceed or work rapidly or energetically: to hustle about putting a house in order.
they hustled him into the back of a horse-drawn wagon

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4. hurry

Hurry up.
Hurry up. The train leaves in ten minutes. We don't want to miss it.
How about cup of tea or something, if you aren't in a hurry?
My supervisor is making me do this so I'm in no hurry to finish.
Dinner is probably ready, so we had better hurry home.
Where are you going in such a hurry? We've got plenty of time, so drive safely.
Sorry, but I have to hurry. I have no time to explain this in detail.
Everyone seemed to be very busy and everyone seemed to be in a hurry.
Our bus comes late particularly when we are in a hurry.
No matter how much you hurry your effort is just a drop in the bucket.
We were delayed by traffic congestion, so we had to hurry.
Hey! There's an American who speaks Uyghur here! Hurry up and get over here to inspect his computer!
Burning the candle at both ends reduces the candle to wax in a hurry - just like a playboy having a pretty girl on each arm.
I'm in a hurry for school and I can't talk with anybody right now.
I'm in a terrible hurry... for reasons I can't say, Dima replied to the woman. "Please, just let me try on that suit there."

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5. haste

Haste makes waste.
The report was prepared in haste and had several misspellings.
working with feverish haste
If the tip was a dime in one glass, the waitress, in her haste to get the table ready for the next customer, would pick up the glass, the water would spill out, and that would be the end of it.
More haste, less speed.
All my haste was in vain.
It may seem like a hassle, but I think you ought to go back to the basics and start over. Haste makes waste they say.
The travelers made haste as evening drew near.
I had breakfast in haste in order to be in time for the first bus.
Do it in haste but with care.
Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.
I made haste for fear that I should miss the bus.
A messenger arrived looking for Sir Robert. He handed Sir Robert a letter and he read it in haste.
I wrote the composition in haste, so it must be full of mistakes.
In haste, he left the door open.

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