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1. lawyer lawyer

Who is your lawyer?
Because of his great professional skill, the lawyer has a large number of clients.
A good lawyer would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend his client.
A good lawyer will always zero in on a key piece of evidence.
I never imagined that my skills as a lawyer would be used to defend Tom.
The defense lawyer was confident that he would be able to answer the prosecutor's arguments in his rebuttal.
In the religious-cult trial, the ambitious lawyer will represent the cult leader.
What a waste of your lawyer qualifications!
It is important that a lawyer should leave no stone unturned even on minor points and harp on the same subject to achieve a break through in an impasse.
Defend and prosecute people. They work in a law court and in a lawyers office.
We've hired a very good lawyer, we've got to win this case!
You should ask your lawyer for advice; she’ll tell you what the law says about your problem.
Soon after she became a lawyer, she wouldn't even give her old friends the time of day.
Laxmidas hoped that Mohandas was going to earn lots of money as lawyer, but it was not easy
Drake earns his living by working for the lawyer.

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2. attorney attorney

You should confer with your attorney on this matter.
The district attorney wasn't content with a two-year sentence.
The members of the jury listened carefully to the attorney.
You'd better consult an attorney beforehand.
defense attorney
The district attorney indicted him for theft and murder.
May I introduce Attorney Tammi, a new student. Mrs. Virtanen, the Finnish teacher.
The attorney has strong evidence that she is innocent.
Your attorney will help you win this case, Henry has named me his attorney
We need to find a good attorney to win this case. My attorney advised me not to say anything until he comes.
If you are guilty of a serious offence you need a good attorney to get you out of the trouble.
Here he's talking about another real case of a woman in the US who was caught pretending to be an attorney – that's a lawyer.
his attorney would have poked so many holes in our case
Adam Sedia, attorney for the five officials, said the judge’s action was a relief.
It's totally without precedent for the suspect's attorney to be the true culprit.

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3. jurist jurist

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4. advocate advocate

He got tired of being the devil's advocate and now agrees with every idea they suggest, no matter how dumb.
The Minister advocated a reform of the tax system.
Hayrat is representing the company but his father has come along with him as his advocate.Cf. barrister) I won't be meeting my advocate again until just before the trial. He was an advocate of equal rights for women.
My brother is an advocate of animals - he doesn't eat meat.
You should advocate disarmament.
He has often publicly advocated a life ban for those athletes who test positive.
I’m an advocate of local produce.
He advocates the return of capital punishment.
"They advocated an ethical foreign policy "
The president himself jogs every morning, plays tennis and golf, and is a leading advocate of fitness.
anti-tabacoo advocates
We advocate a healthy balance between security and personal freedom.
She advocates taking a more ​long-term ​view.
While the senator privately approved of gay marriage, he was unwilling to advocate for the cause in a public venue.
More and more environmentalists advocate and use environmentally friendly unleaded petrol in cars.

5. solicitor solicitor

You had better consult your solicitor.
When people are taken into custody they are asked immediately if they want a solicitor.
Can you recommend a good solicitor? I'm thinking about having a marriage contract drafted.
their solicitor helped them buy their house
I asked the solicitor to make out my will.
He is qualified as a solicitor.
I'll let you know my decision after I have consulted my solicitor.

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