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1. apologise apologise

He apologised for being late.
I'd like to apologise for my behaviour
If you're going to apologise, sooner is better.
I apologise for my brother's behaviour
I'm so sorry, I do apologise.
He apologised for running late.
I need to apologise to Ann for forgetting her birthday
I'd like to apologise FOR the trouble.
He came to apologise to me.
Will you apologise your parents for that broken window?
I apologise for shouting at your yesterday. I was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it.
I apologise for that.
She apologised to the teacher for arriving late.
He apologised for not calling me.
Don’t apologise, I understand perfectly.

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2. sorry sorry

I'm sorry.
Could you do this instead of me? "Sorry, I'm too busy."
We're sorry. The number you have dialed is currently unavailable.
Sorry to bother you, but I'm afraid something urgent has come up.
Sorry, but it looks like I'm booked up on that day.
Better safe than sorry.
Sorry, where can I find a delicatessen?
No sooner had he said it than he was sorry.
Although he was wrong, he didn't say he was sorry.
I'm sorry, my boss is sleeping right now. Please come back tomorrow.
Sorry I haven't fixed dinner tonight. I was so tired there was just no way.
Sorry, but it all came about so suddenly that I haven't got a handle on the situation yet.
I'm sorry, but I can't accept your invitation. I have other plans on that day.
Sorry, we can't fill this prescription here.
I am sorry to write such a long letter. I didn't have time to write a short one.

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3. be sorry be sorry

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4. apologise for apologise for

Mike is going to apologise for the mistakes he made.

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5. say sorry say sorry

It's difficult to say sorry for mistakes.
You should say sorry.

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6. to apologise to to apologise to

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7. apologise to sb for doing apologise to sb for doing

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