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1. common

A common way to finance a budget deficit is to issue bonds.
in common
Unless otherwise decided by the directors, if the company has a common seal and it is affixed to a document, the document must also be signed by at least one authorised person in the presence of a witness who attests the signature.
Mathematicians have this in common with the French: whatever you're trying to say to them, they take it and translate it in their own way and turn it around into something completely different.
It really is a nice theory. The only defect I think it has is probably common to all philosophical theories. It's wrong.
When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs, a new sense of common purpose. Yes, we can.
While the easiest way in metaphysics is to condemn all metaphysics as nonsense, the easiest way in morals is to elevate the common practice of the community into a moral absolute.
In a country where individualism is more common, personal objections to smoking in public are usually respected.
If you listen to great music even the most common things become something magnificent.
One can even buy a so-called Religion, which is really but common morality sanctified with flowers and music. Rob the Church of her accessories and what remains behind?
The verb 'help' takes to-infinitives and bare infinitives but bare infinitives are said to be the most common in casual text; as also used in this example sentence.
In most people's eyes she was nothing more than a common criminal. We are working together for a common purpose. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in this country.

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2. communal

communal property
In our student accommodation, we have communal bathrooms and a communal kitchen.
It's horrible that people don't respect communal areas.
They arrived in Southern Rhodesia, and there was a choice of an immigrants' camp, consisting of mud huts with a communal water supply, or a hotel; and they chose the hotel, being what are known as people of means.

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3. joint

We can lift the restrictions on imports once the joint agreement is signed.
Do you and your husband have a joint bank account?
joint decision-making
I'm afraid I have water in my knee joint.
Pole and Hungarian - two good friends, joint fight and drinking are their ends.
joint property
"As for the discovery of the enemy's weakness, that was a joint effort of my bridge crew."
Belonging to or shared between two or more people: A joint bank account. There are many joint ventures between American and Japanese companies.
Our joint is full of J.D.s.
I'm out of joints. I've gotta get some.
I like this joint. I feel comfortable here.
It has nothing to do with chain stores. A joint may refer to a chain store or to any other kind of store or restaurant or bar.
My joints are really stiff this morning.
"The tavern is ... just a joint with Formica tables, a vinyl floor, lights over the mirrors"
The joint of my left shoulder aches.

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4. shared

Not all Americans shared Wilson's opinion.
The children shared a pizza after school.
Yesterday night, I shared a cab with Paris Hilton.
He finally decided to go to his mother with the news his father had shared.
Tom and Mary shared an umbrella. However, it wasn't big enough and they both got wet.
shared room
It's obvious but the connection between people is "words". It is by those words that thoughts are shared and arguments carried out.
When we say that a language is culturally transmitted - that is, that it is learned rather than inherited - we mean that it is part of that whole complex of learned and shared behavior that anthropologists call culture.
Personal life of Larry Ewing was shared in a website.
The girl screamed with fear, which we all shared.
An own language for each nation and a second that's shared by all.
We're trying to make sure that the work is shared out equally.
Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; progress must be shared.
Words alone cannot meet the needs of our people. These needs will be met only if we act boldly in the years ahead; and if we understand that the challenges we face are shared, and our failure to meet them will hurt us all.

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5. collaborative

Tomorrow, his collaborative method will be crowned with success.
The presentation was a collaborative effort.
You can achieve more in a collaborative working environment.
This has been a collaborative venture involving several organizations.
Obviously, this cannot be the work of one person. This is why Tatoeba is collaborative.
But that's not the whole picture. Tatoeba is not just an open, collaborative, multilingual dictionary of sentences. It's part of an ecosystem that we want to build.

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6. in common

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7. mutual

mutual support/aid/respect
The two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.
As cultural exchange continued between the two countries, their mutual understanding became even deeper.
The point of true mutual understanding has not yet been reached between Japan and China.
While the birth rate is intended to be decreased in developing countries, that of developed nations is selfishly planned to be increased, resulting in the difficulty of getting mutual consent.
It is through the team that the program succeeds; i.e., their unique training, their commitment, their communication and their mutual respect.
mutual agreement, mutual obligations
to cooperate to work together for their mutual benefit
The definition of mutual is something that goes both ways, such as when two people feel the same way about each other or when two people like the same person.
This is commonly needed in assessments and as part of mutual consultation or discussion to decide the best way forward.
"I would like the Sejm debates, conducted among people with different views, to be carried on with mutual respect", he said.
I believe that I speak on behalf of many of us when saying that this notion is mutual.
When two or more people have a mutual friend or interest, they have the same one. wspólny Andrew and Jean were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

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8. collective

The strike ended with the signing a collective contract.
The collective wishes of the membership
Collective responsibility means irresponsibility.
And when innocents in Bosnia and Darfur are slaughtered, that is a stain on our collective conscience.

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9. combined

Our combined efforts have profited.
Gran and Grandad's combined age is 173.
In high school, I won the Osaka and Kinki championships in cross-country skiing and Nordic combined skiing on countless occasions.
By architectural symmetry, Emmet means geometric symmetry combined with aesthetic uniformity.
The United States spends more on the military than all other countries combined!
Nordic Combined is held as a combination of two events, ski-jump and cross-country ski.
The high performance and the elegant design of this model have combined to give it a high reputation.
We lifted the table with our combined strength.
With the combined effort of the whole town the school was rebuilt after the fire.
It seems as if dishonorable, labyrinthine, deliberately confusing economic policies have earned more support from the president than every physical and mental disability combined.
The house was renovated thanks to the combined effort of the entire family.
LookŁŹA SiĄŞthe Red is now starting his combined attack.
I think our combined skills will bring us success.
A bedsitter is a combined bedroom and sitting room. It is the sort of place a young man or young woman would rent if living and working away from home. It might also contain a shower and a place to cook.
Bauhaus, was an art school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts, and was famous for the approach to design that it publicized and taught

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