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wyłączać Englisch:

1. switch off switch off

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2. turn off turn off

turn off the radio please, I'd like to read.
means to lose concentration and stop being interested in it, e.g. if you’re reading a boring book you might turn off... We also say ‘turn off’ for TVs, lights, radios etc
Please turn off the music. It's too loud.
There's nothing on. Shall I turn off the TV?
Can we turn off the cameras
I wish people would turn off their mobiles in the cinema.
Please turn off your computer
We always turn off the water and electricity at home before we go on holiday.
turn off the tap
Don't forget to turn off the TV before you leave the house.
You have to turn off your phone now.
Why did you turn off the road?
Could you turn off the light, please?
turn off the water when you brush your teeth

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3. deactivate

You need a key to deactivate the alarm.
Field for the previous delivery number is deactivated.

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