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1. recover recover

Is it true that you recover from colds when you give them to someone else?
I didn't have time to recover before I came down with another horrible cold.
fully recovered
He's been battling hepatitis for 6 months now, but it looks like he's just starting to recover.
The doctors didn't expect my sister to recover as well as she did.
I hope you consider my request for a day off this Tuesday 8th. If possible, I'd appreciate you letting me recover those hours any other day.
An operation on his throat helped him recover from the pneumonia, but it left him without his voice.
It was while she was recovering from the bus accident that she began painting.
Antibiotics destroy bacteria and help us recover from an ilness or infection.
The footballer had to retire after receiving an injury from which he never recovered.
Do you think you can recover the lost files? Install this program to recover lost data. Don't worry, our company will recover soon.
They are recovering in the same hospital.
Do you think you can recover the lost files?
She recovered the use of her fingers after the operation.

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2. recover from

I recover from a flu.
it takes a long time to recover from surgery

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3. get well

Sorry to hear you have a cold. I hope you get well soon.

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4. get over

You'll get over this, Riley, I promise.
get over cold
In real life you have a bit more time to recover from the rejection, to get over it. / He helped me get over that.
How long do you think it usually takes people to get over a break-up?
It can take weeks to get over an illness like that. He got over his dog death.
get over the wall, get over the problem
How soon will Phoebe get over if her plans don’t work out?
Honey helps many people get over a cold
I cant get over that you got divorced
People get over all sorts of disabilities and recover from all sorts of things.
She was only just getting over the flu when she got a stomach bug. It took him years to get over the shock of his wife dying. It took her months to get over Rupert when he finished the relationship.
Katy was really upset when she failed the test. She thought she would never get over feeling so stupid.
She’s just getting over the ​flu. I can’t get over how ​short he is (= it ​surprised me).
Definition if you get over an illness or other problem, you become better again and things are back to normal
I need to get over that flu as soon as possible because I'm going on holiday in two weeks.

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5. get better

Things will get better.
I hope you'll get better soon.
I hope I get better next week. I want to go back to work.
She'll get better, you'll see.
People who are positive get better more quickly when they are ill.
Our financial situation get better

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6. pull through

If you pull through, I swear I'll take you to Palm Beach
The doctors think she will pull through.
Don’t worry, your dad’s going to pull through.
They said the operation had been successful and they expected his wife to pull through.

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7. recover from an illness

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8. get over an illness

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9. make a recovery

10. recover from illness

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11. recover form

12. recovered

I've completely recovered.
Since I recovered from my serious illness, all of creation is beautiful to me.
I am happy to notify you that I have fully recovered.
Another interesting source of energy is the heat that can be recovered from radioactive waste material.
He has recovered his health, so he is now able to resume his studies.
The stolen jewels must be recovered at any cost.
It was a miracle that he recovered.
We began to walk again as soon as she was recovered.
The doctor devoted a great deal of effort and the patient recovered.
However, what's interesting is that whilst there are people whose computer use has become a problem, there are also people who have recovered from illness because of using computers.
After the second innings, the opposing pitcher recovered too, and it turned into a pitching duel.
And years later, it was recovered by a team of treasure hunters.
It is not too much to say that time once lost can never be recovered.
The boxer finally recovered consciousness, ten minutes after he had been knocked out.
The drowned body has not been recovered.

13. recover from a disease

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