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zabawny Englisch:

1. funny funny

It's so funny!
John is funny. - Funny strange or funny ha-ha?
It’s funny how you remember the words of songs, even ones you don’t really like.
It's funny how German can take a verb, cut it in half, and spread it over a five-clause sentence.
Sentences bring context to the words. Sentences have personalities. They can be funny, smart, silly, insightful, touching, hurtful.
It was a pleasure to spend the evening with a smart, funny and beautiful girl like you.
Dying is nothing. So start with living, it's less funny and it lasts longer.
She said, "It's not funny! How would you like it if someone did that to you - what would you do?"
Whether we find a joke funny or not largely depends on where we have been brought up.
Funny, said the old woman as she granted his wish and disappeared forever. "That was your first wish."
Germans have no sense of humor? I don't find that funny.
The joke about the chicken crossing the road to get to the other side is an example of "anti-humor": meant to be funny because, on the surface, it is not.
People cling on to life more than anything - a funny idea, given all the beautiful things that exist in the world.
On the way out I said to my waitress, "Be careful, Sue. There's something funny about the glasses you gave me - they're filled in on the top, and there's a hole on the bottom!"
The brave sentry thinks it's funny that most Spanish 3rd-person-sentences have six possible ways of being translated to German.

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2. amusing

He is amusing himself by playing video games.
amusing situation
The play was very amusing; you ought to have gone there.
In the same way, a Russian might fail to see anything amusing in a joke which would make an Englishman laugh to tears.
Any book will do as long as it is amusing.
Just one look at the amusing dispenser, colorful animal tiles, two-sided bingo cards, and transparent monkey chips and you know you're in for some serious fun.
he seemed to find it amusing to beat her just to provoke his minders in Zalachenko group
Charlie is the most amusing guy I know. He can make anyone laugh
But their father had not seen anything amusing in it at all.
I enjoy spending time with Tom because he's a very amusing person
But it's different and rather amusing se we will use it on the front page.
It's a very amusing film. It makes me laugh.
He wanted a dignified but amusing symbol for the new book.
Yes, I work as an interpreter. What is so amusing about that?
Meticulous readers are often rewarded if they can spot the amusing details

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3. entertaining

the entertaining dialogues
This is an entertaining program for children.
He is in charge of entertaining the foreign guests.
I think a movie is more entertaining than any book.
It was an entertaining book that left me in a good mood.
The programme about the Amish was entertaining.
Children's TV nowadays is much more entertaining.
Find more entertaining way to spent your time.
I didn’t find the situation entertaining
A light but entertaining novel, perfect for beach reading.
Hollywood can teach us about history in an entertaining way.
I find comedies very entertaining and often enjoy watching one at the cinema.
An entertaining film is one that you like watching.
At the wedding, the best man gave a lively and entertaining speech.
The company had incurred $37,000 in expenses entertaining a client.

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4. hilarious

The film was hilarious - we laughed so much.
a hilarious story
I laughed all night. It was a hilarious comedy show.
I think the "Ani Mru Mru" cabaret was the most hilarious during today's performance.
At a hilarious party, one frequently finds a wet blanket sitting next to the life of the party.
extremely amusing. "her hilarious novel" very funny, extremely amusing, hysterically funny
That post was hilarious! I'll comment "LOL" so they know I laughed.
I think it's the most hilarious thing I've ever seen
Those cat videos are hilarious. I could watch them all day and never grow bored.
You see, what is hilarious to some, could be offensive to others.
I love watching Friends. This sitcom is hilarious.
I've never laughed so much in my life. It was hilarious.
The new comedy by Woody Allen is just hilarious!
It was a hilarious film and I couldn't stop laughing.
The newspaper published a hilarious parody of the president's speech.

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5. fun

Have fun!
Our vacation was so much fun that we decided to stay an extra week.
My kind of holiday fun is skiing, not watching TV
I went to the movie thinking that it would be fun, but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
Using a camera appeases the anxiety which the work driven feel about not working when they are on vacation and supposed to be having fun. They have something to do that is like a friendly imitation of work: they can take pictures.
Didn't you ever put on rubber boots as a kid and have fun splashing water in puddles?
The fun thing about this job is that the technology is continually advancing so it continues to be stimulating.
Although I broke test tubes and played about with chemicals for fun, I did occasionally manage to obey the teacher's instructions as well; repeating experiments that others had long ago undertaken.
This sort of thing, it's buying stuff that's fun. Whether you use it or not is secondary.
Although the pressure of studying at the University of Cambridge is very high, many students still have time to go out and have fun.
As a consequence of its fun factor, Tatoeba contains random bits of factual information.
Christopher Columbus despised pirates, but he loved their eyepatches. Sometimes, he would wear one - just for fun.
Just one look at the amusing dispenser, colorful animal tiles, two-sided bingo cards, and transparent monkey chips and you know you're in for some serious fun.
I have amongst my relatives, a single one who sincerely lives righteously, has strict principles and pursues an ideal, but all my other relatives speak ill and make fun of him.
You're having so much fun doing what you are that you can't see what's going on around you.

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6. enjoyable

A little knowledge of Spanish will go a long way toward making your trip to Mexico enjoyable.
Learning a foreign language is truly interesting and enjoyable.
enjoyable time
It is not so important how much I will earn but my job must be sensible and enjoyable.
The walk around the lake was an enjoyable experience.
Which is more enjoyable: listening to music alone or with other people?
The movie was much more enjoyable than Hemingway is.
Everyne would like to have a job that is enjoyable.
But the work on the farm was enjoyable.
This photograph reminds me of enjoyable times when I was a child.
Learning is such an enjoyable experience when you find the right teachers!
Games can make learning more enjoyable.
Good weather makes this day as enjoyable as possible.
Most students find the course very enjoyable.
I loved those days, so carefree and enjoyable.

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7. amused

The people standing around were amused and laughed at the brave little dog.
Ellen seemed amused by the whole situation
The person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.
The baby giggles when he’s amused.
The man looked a little amused.
She was amused.
I'm amused by his idea of leisure.
Instead she merely looked surprised and - could it be - amused.
I was amused to hear his account (rozbawiła mnie jego relacja) of what happened.
The family was amused and made bets on the colour every evening.
My mum was amused when she saw my grades.
Since children are more scared than amused by clowns, I wonder if some comedy trope of ours will become horror fodder in 100 years.
I don't think he will be amused.
amused means that something makes you smile, or makes you laugh a little bit.

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8. humorous

What's your favorite humorous quote?
His behavior at the party was so humorous that I could not help laughing.
He began his lecture with a humorous anecdote.
He complained in a humorous way about the service.
I have to admit that it's a humorous situation.
He knows lots of humorous anecdotes and tells them on every occasion.
humorous way
humorous way/a humorous and entertaining talk
The writer is very humorous.
He is of a humorous turn of mind.
From humorous to creepy stories, like the last volume, you can enjoy various types of stories.

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9. diverting

diverting the stream of money

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10. a good laugh

/lɑːf/ - People say I'm a good laugh but I can be pretty serious.
Well, people say I'm fun to be with, a good laugh, if you know what I mean.

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11. witty

To be perfectly honest, we just wanted to make a really entertaining, witty film.
You are the wickedest witty person I know.
Geoff is always popular at dinner parties because he's so witty.
witty remarks
My brother is so smart and witty that I cannot beat him in an argument.
Well, at least you're witty. You're quick and you makevme laugh.
The more learned and witty you be, the more fit to act for Satan will you be.
She's quick on her feet, so no matter what you say to her, she'll have a witty comeback.
His lecture ended with his witty joke.
... even laid back and witty.
His witty reply impressed me very much.
Everybody likes Mike: he is witty-funny and intelligent at the same time.
Every good comic should be witty.
Sam is a witty person, he always tells funny stories.
He tried to think of something witty to say but could not.

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12. playful

a playful mood/remark
They're such playful kittens.
a playful kiss on the cheek
Come and go without a trace, like a playful wind.
If you're creative, playful, fun enough, can you...
The dolphin is an intelligent and playful creature.
The prince says that the world will be saved by beauty! And I maintain that the reason he has such playful ideas is that he is in love.

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