Conversational Chinese
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Conversational Chinese
Improve your oral Chinese and learn how to manage any daily situation

Don’t miss the chance to learn more practical phrases in Chinese
Going for groceries to a Chinese shop? Now you can do it!
Reserving a taxi while traveling in China? Now you can do it!
Asking directions in Chinese? Not a problem anymore!
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Introducing oneself - 自我介绍Introducing oneself - 自我介绍  
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Meeting after a long time - 好久不见Meeting after a long time - 好久不见  
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Formal greetings - 正式场合打招呼Formal greetings - 正式场合打招呼  
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Meeting at the market - 在市场Meeting at the market - 在市场  
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Meeting at a bar - 在酒吧Meeting at a bar - 在酒吧  
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Talking about the weather - 天气怎么样Talking about the weather - 天气怎么样  
16 Datenblatt
Talking at the phone - 打电话Talking at the phone - 打电话  
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Plans for the weekend - 周末打算做什么Plans for the weekend - 周末打算做什么  
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Why learn Chinese?

The Chinese language, also known as Mandarin has recently earned itself a greater status in the world. With 1.2 billion native speakers, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. With its 3000-year-old history, China is one of the world’s four ancient civilizations and has nowadays the second largest economy of the world. This means that learning Chinese will open up a world of opportunities for you, not only in mainland China but also abroad. There are many compelling reasons to study Chinese. Learning Chinese is not only interesting and stimulates the brain, but also helps you understand the Chinese culture, literature and history. With its growing role in world affairs, the Chinese language will be an important asset when competing for employment.

Have conversations with native Chinese speakers

You have always wanted to fluently speak Chinese with native Chinese speakers? Vocapp will help you have simple conversations in Chinese thanks to our Conversational Chinese course. Learn simple vocabulary and sentences in Chinese on different kind of topics, such as how to introduce yourself, topics such as the weather or your plans for the weekend. Asking for directions or making phone calls and reservations in Chinese will no longer be a problem thanks to our Conversational Chinese course. Learn basic Chinese vocabulary and efficiently improve your Chinese language level. On top of that this Conversational Chinese course will allow you to correctly pronounce each of the four Chinese tones thanks to our audios. This course will enable you to master the basics of the Chinese language and easily understand a native Chinese speaker.

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