Skipper 37 - Linking words: Cause & result

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przypisywać do czemuś
Lernen beginnen
attribute something to something
Her success can be attributed to three main factors.; She attributed his bad behaviour to problems at work.
wskutek czego; w rezultacie
Lernen beginnen
as a consequence of
She has lived in Portugal, and as a consequence speaks Portuguese fluently.; Many people became sick as a consequence of the poor sanitary conditions.
coś można przypisać czemuś innemu
Lernen beginnen
something can be put down to
I put his irritability down to tiredness.; I'd always put his lack of confidence down to his strange upbringing.; She did seem rather unhappy, but I just put it down to the pressure she was under at work.
z powodu (robienia) czegoś; z powodu (robienia) czegoś
Lernen beginnen
due to (doing) something; owing to (doing) something
The concert has been cancelled owing to the bad weather.; She walks with a limp owing to a childhood injury.
coś doprowadziło do
Stres bez wątpienia może prowadzić do fizycznej choroby.; Dowody prowadzą mnie do innych wniosków.
Lernen beginnen
lead to (doing) something
There is no doubt that stress can lead to physical illness.; The evidence leads me to a different conclusion.
być odpowiedzialnym za
Lernen beginnen
to be responsible for (doing) something
Our practice is responsible for about five thousand patients in this part of Leeds.; Nurseries are responsible for the children in their care.; Paul is directly responsible for the efficient running of the office.
spowodować (coś)
Lernen beginnen
to result in (doing) something
Icy conditions resulted in two roads being closed.; Regular exercise can result in a general diminution in stress levels.; Team work at its best results in a synergy that can be very productive.
wywodzić się z czegoś
Lernen beginnen
to stem from something
His surprise stemmed from the fact that he hadn't been informed about the changes in the system.; Many of their problems stem from their difficult financial situation.; Their disagreement stemmed from a misunderstanding.
wywołać coś (np. jakąś reakcję); uruchomić (urządzenie)
Lernen beginnen
to trigger something
Certain foods trigger allergies.; You find that strangely familiar smells trigger memories of childhood.; The report has triggered a fierce response from the governor.; A sensor had triggered the security camera.

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