das Wörterbuch Polnisch Minus Englisch

język polski - English

jeden Englisch:

1. one

No one will know.
One thing I don't like about the iPad is that you can't easily install apps that aren't available through Apple's App Store.
One thing you should know about me is that I hate exercising.
One house
You can't easily put photos on an iPad from more than one computer. However, you can email photos to yourself from various computers and download these photos to your iPad.
Last night my daughter didn't come home until half past one.
One hundred and fifty thousand couples are expected to get married in Shanghai in 2006.
I always thought that a stroke was one of nature's ways to tell you that it's time to die.
All her carefully made plans began to unravel one by one.
Like all dogs, he'll chase a rabbit if he sees one.
The one who demands much, gets much. The one who demands too much, gets nothing.
Hearing him speak English, one would take him for an Englishman.
One kilogram of tomato sauce is equivalent to two kilograms of tomatoes.
Tom put together one million dollars in unmarked, used bills as the kidnappers had told him to do.
The best salad you'll ever eat is the one they serve with their lunch special.

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2. un

The U.N. building is very impressive.
UN stands for United Nations.
What does UN stand for?
The U.N. monitored the country's elections.
The allies condemned the invasion as a violation of UN resolutions.
The U.N. has condemned the Somalia suicide bombing that took the lives of at least 33 people on Tuesday, including six members of Parliament
The UN endeavored to supply refugees with food.