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osiągniecie Englisch:

1. achievement achievement

Her biggest achievement so far is graduating from Oxford University
a great achievement
Today, their efforts have paid off and they are in possession of conclusive evidence, an achievement which is indeed commendable.
Working in a society gives women both hardship and achievement, but the daily chores at home don't seem to give them fulfillment.
Literary composition is a great achievement that concerns the ruling of a state, a splendid affair of eternal standing.
You shall receive two certificates of achievement.
As a result, it is undeniable that important disciplines and moral education have been neglected. By placing excessive importance on scholastic achievement, many parents have forgotten such basic social courtesies as consideration for others.
One of my greatest achievements was completing a marathon.
An Olympic silver medal is a remarkable achievement for one so young.
Raising baby pandas in a zoo is an incredible achievement because it is very hard to do.
The last achievement I'm proud of is Julek's first steps.
But he did not want anyone to think his achievement had been easy for him.
We try to celebrate the achievements of our students.
These goals should include future income and the achievement of various tasks.
This implies a fun and relaxed working atmosphere where team achievement is highly valued, communication is extremely important and traditional 3-hour meetings have been replaced by informal chats in the queue for coffee.

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2. accomplishment

The accomplishment of this task took many years.
Defeating him would be no great accomplishment.
Lindbergh's solo nonstop transatlantic flight was a remarkable accomplishment.
It was a remarkable accomplishment to walk across America.
the reduction of inflation was a remarkable accomplishment
Many people, if not most, look on literary taste as an elegant accomplishment.
An accomplishment cannot be looked upon as yours unless you paddled your own canoe.
He was sure of his work's accomplishment.
Success is defined as the accomplishment of a
What was your greatest accomplishment / achievement?
Finishing the course gave me a great sense of accomplishment.
This is a really awesome accomplishment.
What have some of your accomplishments been in your career so far?
It was one of the President's greatest accomplishments.
It is advisable for a man or woman to acquire an accomplishment.