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1. known

She is widely known.
In 1969, Roger Miller recorded a song called "You Don't Want My Love." Today, this song is better known as "In the Summer Time." It's the first song he wrote and sang that became popular.
He is the only person that I known who is equal to the task.
The past can only be known, not changed. The future can only be changed, not known.
The secret of success in life is known only to those who have not succeeded.
Seeing that you're not surprised, I think you must have known.
Large-scale surface currents are already known to exist, and major currents below the ocean surface, too, are being found.
Keisuke has always studied in this mansion. That style known as 'home schooling', right?
In Korea, there's a popular theory that says that: "If you eat a quarter of an Iceberg lettuce, you will fall asleep". Thus, amongst truck drivers in Korea, lettuce is known as something that should not be eaten before work.
The truth is always something that is told, not something that is known. If there were no speaking or writing, there would be no truth about anything. There would only be what is.
Ever since we've been wearing clothes, we haven't known one another.
The fact that television frequently limits communication within families is already well known.
We can conjecture that it may be advantageous for a particular bird to be known to its neighbors or its mate.
That's because, you see, I've known he isn't that sort of person from a long time back.
In general, little is known about nonlinear second order differential equations.

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2. famous

Everyone wants to meet you. You're famous!
He became famous.
Apparently, Tom was already famous before he released that album.
Florence Nightingale is famous as the woman who began professional nursing.
By this time next year, you will have visited almost all the famous places in Japan.
People usually become famous at the cost of their privacy.
The famous poet attempted to commit suicide in his library.
I like this picture, not just because it is famous, but because it really is a masterpiece.
As a young man, he did not know that he was to become famous later on.
People came to the concert hall to listen to the famous orchestra.
The world's greatest singers and most of its famous musicians have been fat or at least decidedly plump.
Many great thinkers who were unknown while alive became famous after death.
In California are the famous big trees, or "forest kings" as they are called.
Christopher Columbus started wearing his famous hat back when he was still a schoolboy, and was often punished by his teachers for refusing to take it off in class.
The world famous Hungarian painter Mihály Munkácsy's Christ Trilogy includes the paintings entitled "Christ before Pilate", "Golgotha" and "Ecce Homo".

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3. familiar

Every student of biology, anatomy, anthropology, ethnology or psychology is familiar with these facts.
familiar with
After listening to an Arabic song for ten seconds, Dima finally heard a familiar voice say, "As-Salamu Alaykum!"
In order to study computational linguistics it's necessary to know various languages, however, one also has to be familiar with the use of computers.
Whenever I translate something from English into Spanish, I prefer to use the familiar "tú" instead of the formal "usted".
The familiar argument against a proposed action that it is premature.
Filiberto lives in a very large apartment in a city we're not familiar with.
Let me ask you something, Dad, she began, in a tone of patiently controlled exasperation that every experienced parent is familiar with.
Download Shtooka Recorder and get familiar with it. You will be using it to record the sentences. It's a very useful program.
I'm sure that family is familiar with Japanese tastes in food. They've hosted quite a few Japanese exchange students.
The map on page 11 looks very strange. Turn it upside down. Then it becomes a familiar map to you.
In ancient China there were no cats; the cat that we are familiar with today was not imported into China from abroad until much later.
I grew up in this village, so all the houses are familiar.
But that morning, he found all those familiar chores very enjoyable.
For those of you not familiar with Tunbridge Wells, town which have a superhero.

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4. renowned for

Poznań is renowned for the stunning old town

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5. famous for

Opole is famous for music festival.
What’s your hometown famous for?
What would you like to be famous for?
Libya is famous for oil.
This beach is famous for shark attacks.
Italy is famous for their pizza.
famous for punk
France is famous for its food
The Italian city of Florence is famous for its art treasures.
J.K. Rowling is famous for her books about Harry Potter.
The clinic is famous for helping celebrities.
What is this company famous for?
Kraków is famous for its main square.
London is famous for...
Paris is famous for the Eiffel Tower

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