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język polski - English

ogłosić Englisch:

1. announce

The results were announced.
announce a decision
1. And so, I am proud to announce the winner of this year's Sheridan Scholarship... / 2. It's time to announce the winners of tonight's auction. / 3. Father, I would like to announce some good news. / 4. Mr. Myerson just announced you got the promotion.
He announce a new research programie in the Nort Pole.
The company has announced plans to open six new stores. [+ (that)] Halfway through dinner, he announced that he was going out.
At the age of 9 she calmly announced that she wanted to be a billionaire.
Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.
We are pleased to announce you that you have received the Nobel Peace Prize.
Weakness brought on by a number of respiratory ailments had forced him just last week to announce that he was giving up his conducting career.
About the same time as he entered the classroom and arrived at his seat, the chime to announce class rings across the school.
We, ACME Ltd., hereby announce that we will resist with all our strength this hostile takeover.
They haven't formally announced their engagement yet. The company has announced plans to open six new stores.
They announced his death in a newspaper. The President announced war.
The PM has announced that Poland is a safe country.
Researchers announce method of circumventing Windows Vista security features.

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2. promulgate

to promulgate a legal act
The film promulgated the idea that the Smolensk crash was an attack by Russia

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3. declare

I have nothing to declare.
I advised the shy young man to declare his love for the beautiful girl.
Sarah was declared the winner.
As a disinterested third-party, I can declare that she secretly loves him.
I hereby declare the opening of the Olympic Games.
I must needs do him that justice to declare, that I never observed in him but an abhorrence to all base things.
Well, I declare!
I declare this supermarket open.
The judges could see no clear winner in the match and decided to declare it a draw.
[+ that] Scientists have declared that this meat is safe to eat. I'm afraid someone will declare a war on our country. (Boję się, że ktoś wypowie naszemu krajowi wojnę.)
You should not declare what you will and will not eat.
The government declared war on the revolutionaries.
He declared that he had never enjoyed himself so much in all his life.
In what situations can people or companies declare bankruptcy?
Monica wants to be legally declared an adult.

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4. hand down

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5. pronounce

Can anyone pronounce this word?
In Italian everything is written the way you pronounce it.
An Englishman would not pronounce it like that.
We learned how to pronounce Japanese.
Foreign accent syndrome is an as-yet unexplained medical condition where the patient can no longer pronounce his mother tongue correctly and seems to have a foreign accent.
I pronounce this a perfect dinner.
Mark the words which you cannot pronounce.
The vast majority of high school students I know can't read an unknown word and pronounce the letters in the right order, let alone pronounce it correctly or naturally.
When challenged to pronounce "shibboleth", Christopher Columbus did it in such a perfect way, that he was instantly recognized as the new leader of the natives' army.
A judge pronounced a sentence on the killer.
I pronounce Chinese quite well.
She pronounced his ​name so ​badly he didn't ​even ​recognize it. The ​jury pronounced him ​guilty.
WE'LL FIND OUT HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT, DEAR. How do you pronounce it?
In English, the letter r is pronounced in different ways in different accents
I pronounce you guilty

6. announcing

Everyone was silent as the teacher was announcing the results of the examination.

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7. to advertise

We need to advertise more on the Internet.
to advertise the new product

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